Philosopher Bertrand Russell and his thoughts on history

I begin today’s “blog” with the esteemed thinker- Bertrand Russell; not exactly a household name, however a man who has enlightened the world with his thoughts. Let me share a mini- bio that may jog some memories (especially those philosophy majors) as to who he is. (1892 to 1970) Bertrand Russell was a British born philosopher, mathematician, logician, historian, and social critic. In 1950 he won the Nobel Prize in literature “in recognition of his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought”…..Now, lets get on with his writing relating to one of my favorite subjects…history…


“Of all the studies by which men acquire citizenship of the intellectual commonwealth, no single one is so indispensable as the study of the past. To know how the world developed to the point at which our individual memory begins; how the religions, the institutions, the nations among which we live, became what they are; to be acquainted with the great of other times, with customs and beliefs differing widely from our own- these things are indispensable to any consciousness of our position, and to any emancipation from the accidental circumstances of our education. It is not only to the historian that history is valuable, not only to the professed student of archives and documents, but to all who are capable of a contemplative survey of human life. But the value of history is so multiform, that those to whom some one of its sides appeals with especial force are in constant danger of forgetting all the others…”

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