Thoughts as a guest blogger

Thank you to Steve at Life in Russia for giving me an opportunity to share some thoughts.

Life in Russia

When I started blogging I understood how important it was to find great bloggers which I would enjoy following. We all know how hard this process is in the beginning, but I was greatly rewarded when I found today’s guest blogger. I could tell right away she wasn’t following other bloggers but setting her own path. A very distinct path that followed esteemed thinkers to which I greatly admired. She is an original that has brought a lot of insight into my world. You can find her at  Blogging Einstein.

Thoughts from a guest blogger

beach and birds small

The blogosphere, if I may coin a phrase, is much like wading along the ocean’s shore where we find ourselves stopping every now and again to enjoy the surroundings, and then we move on. I have been one of the fortunate “waders” to have found a most lovely spot to frequent, whereupon I am never…

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