Pumpkins can be more than Jack-o-lanterns!

Back when I was a full time teacher, I was doing research and writing educational articles that were published in various national teacher magazines and journals. To this day, whenever I see a pumpkin it reminds me of one particular lesson that was not only fun, but received rave reviews from colleagues and students.

As such, I have decided to dedicate this post all the hardworking educators who take up all their spare time coming up with new and memorable ways to teach.

So without further ado… I give you Pumpkin globes!

When pumpkins are seasonally plentiful and inexpensive these wonderful vegetables help make the most abstract geography terms make sense.

Mark the equator!

It wasn’t until in the early 1500s that most people believed if you sailed far enough away from land you could fall off the earth.  Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan is credited with successfully heading a crew of sailors that circumnavigated the earth and proved the world was round. 

Remind students that a globe is a spherical model of the earth, and a map is a flat representation of the earth. Analyze the organization of our earth in a spatial context. and pumpkins turned into globes become the perfect learning tool to provide the hands- on approach to teach longitude, latitude, meridians, parallels, continents, hemispheres, oceans, and more!

And don’t be surprised if geography is now the new favorite subject.!

Prime meridian

Alphabet Book Teaches Sun Safety All Year Round {Book Showcase}

Thank you, Cynthia!

Michigan Mama News

I received a copy ofSun Safely Alphabet Book” ($6.99 Amazon value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Even though summer is behind us, sun safety is a year-round project we all need to remember and share along to our children.  TheSun Safely Alphabet Book is a great communication tool to educate our children and help prevent skin cancer later in life.

Excerpts from the book:

A is for APPLYING sunscreen every day before you go outside!

Don’t for get to cover your nose, ears, and even the top of your feed and hands!

B is for BLOCKING the sun during the hottest times of the day?

From 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon; Be sun smart!

And even though it’s an Alphabet Book…A to Z… it actually has some cool facts about desert animals, birds, koalas…

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