Happiness is an author’s proof copy!

In the midst of all the uncertainty and pandemic chaos, there is a glimmer of positive news for this author. Although sequestered since the beginning of March, like millions of others, I have keeping myself busy. As such, I will be launching a new murder-mystery parody the first week of 2021! Alas, the proof copy arrived!

My assistant was kind enough to let me take a photo of her!

Stay safe everyone!

Turkey getaway …

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, folks in all parts of the country are preparing for what will be a holiday meal celebration. And although the festivities this precarious year will be smaller and more intimate, the turkey family is not taking any chances of sticking around. And who can blame them!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay safe!

31 seconds of calm…

In our world so troubled and so filled with uncertainty, we often forget to take a moment to reset. This does not imply to tune out or to become complacent, but rather, regroup, find a moment of tranquility, even if it means to just look up and watch the clouds go by.