Reviews and how to keep your sanity

Most art forms comes from within; eventually released like a fledgling and leave the nest. The emancipation is not without anticipation, and the artist, if they want it or not, will find their work reviewed. And when this occurs, each individual artist must call upon their inner self; for criticism can be like a finding a flower and then suddenly getting stung by a bee.

On the other hand……Just remember… reviews are like a storms; some hurt the ego, while others appear like a rainbow.

#Thankyou @readersfavorite for my rainbow!

Picture book month!

Who Knew?

I just found out that it’s picture book month, a time to pull out all those wonderful books and share a bit of your time. Some of my favorites are wordless, where the pictures guide your own imaginary story.

Alphabet books embellished with pictures are always an enjoyable way for our youngest pre-readers to spend a bit of quiet time.

Sun safely

So have a little bit of fun and celebrate!

Am writing!

It’s a lonely world up on the dog house and when an article about one’s book gets out in the webisphere (I think I just made that word up?!), it’s a wonderful feeling. As such, today’s post will direct you to such an article which I am so pleased to share.

So without ado just click at will and hope you find it to your liking! Thank you!

for article!

(Snoopy image From Charles Shultz library of cartoons)