Embrace your age!

And though we find that we must keep up and maintain the haste of each day, our time is akin to a footprint on the ocean’s shore…so take the advice of Mother Earth and enjoy the caress of the water, and make as deep but kindly impression as you can within the sands of our time…

No filters, over 65…#SeniorsRock

Not your mother’s Nana…

Some say that you can tell from a distance if it’s an old person by the way they walk. To those who prescribe to such myths I say rubbish. After all, age is just a number. Put to bed these notions with a daily dose of exercise. For me, I have found that to maintain poise, balance, and gait, ballet fits the bill…even for these old bones! Then again… who you calling old…#SeniorsRock #BalletNana

Quarantine days

When the going gets tough the tough do yoga! #yogaNana

From the generation that took you to the moon! You’re not getting old, you’re getting better…Seniors Rock!