A lighthearted way to picture the world!

Humor can be something subtle or it can be found in a story that takes time to read. And then humor can take on different modes such as when we hear a joke, see a show, or find a situation that is ironic, not outwardly funny but rather it is understated. And then sometimes what we consider funny may not seem humorous to others.

But regardless of origin or style… humor is a human characteristic that can take us away from the most unpleasant day and send us happily into a different mood, even if it is for just a moment.
Today’s blog is my way of bringing perhaps a bit of humor to your day… by taking the liberty of sharing one of my pieces that I think is…well…kind of funny!

History comes alive with each of us…

The historical Crockett Cemetery dates back to 1812. It contains the remains of Lt. Andrew Crockett, a Revolutionary War veteran, and family members. The Crocketts were one of the first settlers to come to Middle Tennessee in 1799.

“History left behind is like a bookmark in a classic. Eventually it will be retrieved.” NLAvery